Sick of a Hot Steering Wheel, Searing Seats and Melting when getting into Your Vehicle?

Hate Leaving Your Car Parked in The Sun?

Worried The Sun is Damaging Your Car Interiors when You Can’t Park in The Shade?

Made for Australia’s Extreme Outback Environment, Great Barrier’s Outback Shades are
Tough Enough to Handle the Desert, Hot Suburban Streets and Anything in Between

Great Barrier Products (Outback Shades)

Immediate Reduction in Glare as the Highly Reflective Material Deflects the Sun.

Keep UV Rays Out of the car and Leave a Cool Dark Interior.

Reduce the Interior Temperature by 20ºF and the Dashboard Temp by More than 40ºF.

Shade designed with Flexible Edges that Fit Snugly in your Windshield.

Great Barrier Shades were Created to Keep You Cool as a Cucumber!
We’ve Got You Covered!


My name is Sarah Coles. I have lived and worked for many years as a pilot in Africa and the Middle East and have used car sun shades all those years, 30 years; never have I come across sun shades that come even close to yours.

Well done, a great product.

Sarah Coles, Pilot
I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where it’s currently a hundred-and-teen degrees during the day. I have bought OEM accordian-fold sun shades for my last 2 cars and hated them. They’re so awkward to use and store, they ended up in the trunk. I’ve been searching for a folding sunshade and couldn’t find one anywhere.

I selected the OutbackShade because:
1) it has loose fabric around the circles to fill in the corners of my windshield;
2) I was concerned about the proper size for my car, sent an email to Great Barrier, and got an email reply instantly;
3) this product has a lifetime warranty!

Susan Mannion, Photographer

Molly Dougherty

Don’t Buy Any More Rubbish Sunshades for Car Windshield.
Get a Premium Great Barrier Shades Sun Shield and Enjoy for Ages.

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