OzShield Standard Windshield Sun Shade

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Blockout Sun Shade measures 60”width x 32"height (150cm x 80cm)

Universal Standard Size
Car Windshield Shade for Extreme Conditions
Premium OzShield Reflective UV Protection
Bonus Blind Spot Mirrors

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WANT A COMFORTABLE CAR EVERY TIME? Windshield Sunshade designed to block the heat build up in your vehicle. No Garage or Shade? No Problem. Create Cooler Interior Temp, Cool Seats and Protected Dash for a Cool Ride home. Comfort Traveling with kids, pets, groceries and YOU.

FIND YOUR OPTIMAL FIT Standard size OzShield fits snuggly in Windshields 27 to 31 inches height (measure Visor to Dash) Actual Car Sunshades measure 60" base x 32" height (150cm x 80cm). If a larger shade is needed, check Great Barrier Auto OzShield XLarge Windshield Sun Shade or Jumbo OzShield/Snowblitzer.

QUALITY THAT WORKS AND LASTS Built as a Barrier Against the Extreme Australian Sun, our Windshield Sun Shades act as a car sunscreen by blocking sun from the largest window in you car. It fits flush inside your car front window to reflect the sun rays heating effects even blocking any glare around the edges of the screen with a unique flexible edge protector.

SO EASY TO USE IT PRACTICALLY PUTS ITSELF UP You may find yourself doing a fist pump when you Come Back to a Cool Car Everyday. This Folding Sunshade Pops Up like a Dream and Away just as Easy (We’ll show you how!). And the foldable reflective auto shade comes with a Pouch to store in reach every time. The Sunshade Windshield Cover will keep you Cool as a Koala again and again.

EXPERIENCE SECOND TO NONE CUSTOMER SERVICE World class after sales service on all our Sun Shades Auto Products. Plus Limited Time Bonus Blind Spot Mirrors with OzShield Purchase. Try our Great Barrier range for Different Car Sunshade Windshield Sizes and Automotive Windows Cover and Shade accessories. 

Australian designed made for America's Extreme Environment, Great Barrier is tough enough to handle the American desert, hot suburban streets and anything in between.

Hate leaving your car parked in the sun?

Sick of a hot steering wheel, searing seats and melting when getting into your vehicle?

Worried the sun is damaging your car interiors when you can't park in the shade?

Great Barrier Premium OzShield Windshield Sunshades are strong and purpose built for effective ease of use with the best quality materials. Always have a shady spot with you to beat back the heat. Put it up and in place in an instant. Note the immediate reduction in glare as the highly reflective material deflects the suns rays and UV directly out of the car and leaves a cool dark interior.

Shade designed with flexible edges that fit snugly in your windshield. No leaks

When you park, sunshade opens out easily, place straight against inside of windshield, silver side out (black side in) and hold in place with sun visors. When it's time to drive, shade folds small enough to store in visor, glove compartment or door pocket so it's always there when you need it.

Standard size sunshades are flexible. Best Fit for windshields 27 to 31inches (68 - 79cm) in height ( measure visor to dash) so to stay easily in place. Actual Shade size measures 60" (150cm) base and 32" (80cm) height.

For larger windshields, see Great Barrier Large OzShield Windshield Shades. We have both standard, large and Jumbo sizes for Windshields, side and rear shades and windshield and mirror snow covers available.

Australian Great Barrier Shades now available Everywhere.