For Ozshield Standard:

FAQ for other products coming soon.

How do I refold it back into pouch?

Its easy and with practise takes only about 5 seconds. The directions are:

Step one: Fold the shade in two, such that both circles inserts overlap. Hold the folded Sunshade with both hands at opposite ends of the circle inserts.

Step two: Gently twist both hands in opposite directions. Twist your left hand/wrist clockwise, while twisting counter – clockwise with your right hand/wrist. Keep twisting until the sunshade collapses onto itself and push the folded metal circle inserts together.

Step three: Hold the parts together while you wrap the elastic band attached to the sunscreen around the bundle. You can now put the folded Sunshade in it’s pouch. The easiest way to do this is by wrapping one side of the pouch partly over the folded shape. Then hold it in place with one hand while sliding the pouch over the bundle with your other hand.

Can it really be stored in the visor like the picture?

Yes, in the pouch the product is 20x20x7cm (10X10X3in.) Very convenient and means you will actually have it where you need it, when you need to park and run.

Can you tell me how long and how wide this product is? How do know if it will fit my vehicle?

The measurements for our sun shades are shown in their product descriptions. We have shades that will fit nearly all trucks, vans, SUV’s, and cars. We recommend customers to measure their windshields first before purchasing, but remember that the edges are soft so it can fit in a windshield even if the product is too large.

How do I accurately measure my windshield?