Blind Spot Mirrors

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Small adjustable convex Mirror Set of 2 (Stick On)

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Minimize Blind Spots for Car Accident Prevention - Increase driver awareness and safety by seeing where you couldn't see before. Helps reduce the risk of an accident while driving your car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, RV, semi-truck, bicycle, boat, grocery getter or any other passenger vehicle you use to get from point A to point B.

Keep Children Safe - both inside and outside the vehicle. Also protects your car's body work, and reduce your chance of hitting hard to see objects in your car's blind spots. Adjustable Convex to Fit Any Make or Model - No matter what you drive, these Outback Shades Blind Spot Mirrors will adjust to the angle you need to see the blind spots in your vehicle. This set of round rearview mirrors gives you a wider viewing angle to minimize vehicle blind spots

Added Security for Peace of Mind - No matter if you are backing up your car, truck, SUV, or van in your driveway and want to make sure there are none of your pets or neighbor's pets near your wheels, or if you are getting out of your vehicle in a dark or sketchy parking lot and you need to make sure there is nothing or nobody waiting to surprise you when you get out... you need Outback Shades Blind Spot Mirrors on your ride as soon as possible!

Easy Installation - Just clean the surface, peel, and stick the self adhesive of these Outback Shades Blind Spot Mirrors on any flat surface where you will get a better view of the roads you travel!

Weatherproof 5 Year Guarantee - Our industrial strength adhesive ensures your Outback Shades Blind Spot Mirrors will stay attached and survive the elements through rain, sleet, snow, blizzards or desert heat under the scorching sun!